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More and more men know the right appearance makes life happier and easier, in dating, working, etc. But rarely does someone know precisely what he could be doing better (maybe bolder clothing, an easier food plan, a new hairstyle, or a slight change to the face itself) or even share enough information for another to offer good, specific advice. (Although most people would rather give generic tips, insult or politely lie.) In reality a man's style likely is from convenience and habit (which often turns stale) or copying from others (acquaintances or displays). It's life by mostly guessing, often with wasted money and ongoing mistakes (such as forgotten purchases or items that should not be worn). It leaves many men overlooked and dissatisfied. The ideal is to be rightly pleased with one's appearance, right?

That is where a men's image consultant can help. The value of a consultation is understanding things (total appearance, personality, circumstances, etc.) and teaching (not just telling) improvement. With specific items to buy and where to buy them (and types of items to avoid), things to physically modify (or work around), routines to follow - unlike guides, salespeople, etc. it's smart, unbiased/unsponsored advice for the individual that is partly based on research and data from relevant groups of people, and it can quickly boost style and quality of life and empower a man to then manage his own style.

Improve your appearance with a $50 confidential image analysis

You don't have to be a model, live in a gym, spend big on formal or designer clothes, or stick to current trends to look great. We can help you look your best for any occasion, affordably and easily . . . without ever leaving your home.

We'll show you why a man's appearance really does matter and how style is learned best from experts like us. Our consultants are trained in all aspects of male image. We'll help you make the right choices that will open doors to a better future and improved professional and social relationships.

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From submitted text, pictures, optional video, etc., your personality and appearance are conveyed online. That allows us to give you advice (not automated) on fashion, grooming, exercise, etc. that is made for you. You get all the benefits of professional men's image consulting, without high cost, inconvenience, forced change, or self-consciousness.

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