A Better Future Ahead: Personal Online Image Consultation

If you want an image that you and others like better, that improves your life, you need good advice . . . and no one does it like Gentleman's Best Friend Image Consulting Services.

  • Our trained image experts - graduates of the renowned Conselle Institute of Image Management - combine knowledge of psychology, sociology, fashion, health, technology, and what it's like to be a man to tailor your private image consultation to your needs.
  • Our customized evaluations cover everything - from grooming, clothing, underlying physique and face to the secrets of inner confidence and a winning image.

All this for only $50

We offer a private, one-time analysis* of your personal and/or professional image, done entirely online for a low fee, by humans, not computer programs. (No limit on the amount of data, including pictures, submitted.) Use the consultation for life transitions, like job changes and serious dating, or making everyday life more enjoyable. There's no reason to feel like a misfit, a slave, a slob, a subhuman, or an invisible man, and you don't have to work long and hard to get things right. Just follow the advice on what to do, why, and how and the things not to do.

Depending on your lifestyle, budget, and other submitted information (like descriptions of clothing owned), you can receive handy written guidance (with linked visuals) on:

  • Aspects of your current image that are good and those that should be corrected (often things like wrong amount of clothing variety, unflattering colors, improper fit, and outdated styles).
  • How to select clothes that go best with your unique body type, facial features, personal coloring, and climate, the little things that make a big difference and reduce confusion. Most items will coordinate with each other, by default.
  • Harmony between the outside (what people see and sense) and your real personality.
  • How to combine clothing items for different situations with appropriate self-expression. (For daters, this now includes a lengthy personalized guide on what or what not to wear on dates.)
  • Ways to go with trends without being a fashion victim or replacing many clothes often.
  • Specific post-consultation resources - online and local retailers (none sponsors and often some not on the Resources page, possibly even added while doing a search of the client's locale), buyable examples at online shops, quantities to buy, current items to phase out, first steps, and more. Sudden change is not required.
  • Recommended grooming products and styling tips (pictured hairstyles included).
  • Physical fitness, healthy living, and cosmetic procedures (including pinpointing what features are amiss).
  • Visual impressions and how they affect your personality, your relationships, and your life's successes. For example, looking uncool to conventionally attractive young women.
  • Answers to specific questions of yours about personal appearance. For example, what to wear with a prior purchase.

Even for a man who already looks good, it is virtually guaranteed to improve some areas of style.

The process can cover almost anything you want, and many different types of customers have been helped. Customers have been surprised by the depth of information received. You will know how to make specific purchases to help your image. But don't worry - we will gladly help resolve any confusion about your report.

*The first few important/recommended pricey or bulk purchases afterwards can be reviewed if so requested (for example, "I want to know how good this new suit looks on me").

This service does not make medical diagnoses or provide mental-health services.



My look wasn't working for me, but casual is my look. That I didn't want to change. I was surprised by how many little things I was doing wrong. Now I'm doing them right, I'm only a little less casual, and the women in the office are telling me I look much better. Thank you very much. - Kevin W.

Since I was spending a lot of time and money on my wardrobe and not getting good results, I decided that hiring an image consultant, who could advise me on the basics, would be a good idea. That's when I hired [the company]. [The consultation featured] a 3-page analysis of the [perceived] image I was giving out (which was quite accurate, by the way). [It] gave me advice on what styles (bold, not-so-bold) and colors would look good given my complexion, what to stay away from, pants, blazers, shoes, etc…. I think the $40 was well-spent from my perspective.-M.K.

Hey, great job. The clothing examples you mentioned are what I like. A few orders have been made. I have been working out more. My girlfriend might just get jealous! - Brian D.


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