Color Can Be Masculine

Many men fear that dressing colorfully will make them look effeminate or silly. They might be right. In general, not only do women use more color, to emphasize their more intense natural coloring, but they see it better than us males do. What often is not realized is that the other extreme can be just as harmful. Sensory deprivation is a real phenomenon. Imagine the world entirely in gray. Wouldn't that make you feel blue? A colorless complexion communicates sickness and death. Similarly, a lack of color in one's wardrobe communicates a lack of life to oneself and others. GBFICS can help you find the happy medium of color, with our rundown of colors that will flatter most men.

You do not have to wear pink and other feminine colors to use color effectively. Variety based on basic manly hues is all you need.

You should have at least one of most of the following colors in your wardrobe, each in a medium to dark shade:




Brown - strangely hard to find, but in the right shade and featured on shirts, does wonders for many brown-haired, brown-eyed men


Dark red, maroon, and purple – sensitive and masculine

Warning: If you care about looking masculine, large quantities of bright, shiny versions of the darker colors are not your friend. Also, primary colors (such as basic red) can look too youthful.


You need it for the white-collar office. You should use it sparingly outside the office. It is considered out of season in the colder months and shows dirt and stains very easily. Yes, we hear you, guys - but tee shirts do come in other colors.

Go with combinations of colors we have recommended, within articles of clothing (striped shirt) or between outfits (black shirt, gray trousers). Be careful about trying more than three colors in one outfit. Avoid outfits where the shirt and pants are the exact same color. Also, avoid wearing the same color combination several times a week. Other than that, you should be okay. No, more than okay - friendly and interesting, but still all man.

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