Don’t Overlook Personal Hygiene

Few things will instill disgust in people faster than lack of cleanliness can. Unfortunately, research shows that many men do not pay as much attention to their hygiene as they should. We hereby bring you a simple guide on how to do it right.


Keep your nails short. You will need to trim them at least twice monthly.

Visibly dirty hands are not acceptable in polite company. Don't fear the faucet and soap. If necessary, wield a brush to clean under the tips of dirty fingernails.

Body odor

Women are more sensitive to body odor than men are. For many of you, this should be a compelling reason to shower at least once a day and always use deodorant or cologne - but don't overdo the latter.

Head hair

Wash your hair, with shampoo, at least once a day.

Don't cover it up with baseball or trucker caps that probably are soiled themselves.

Avoid long hairstyles that can make proper care extremely difficult.


Using cleanser, wash your face two or three times daily.

Facial hair is easily dirtied. If you have it, tend to it often, with a razor and other grooming tools.

Do what you must to keep your nose hair within your nose.


It's hard to know what others think of your breath. Do not take chances - brush regularly and use mouthwash (alcohol-free is a good choice) once or twice a day.

Also, spend a few minutes flossing. It is good for your gums and will make it less likely that you will make a fool of yourself by being seen with food stuck between your teeth.


Except possibly at the gym, do not wear shirts more than once before cleaning them.

Pants can be worn a second time before cleaning, if they are not visibly soiled or stained with juices or oils.

Make sure that your outerwear is reasonably clean. (And if you need to be told to wear clean underwear, return to Square One.)


People notice feet. If they need it, machine-wash your shoelaces, but not the shoes themselves. Clean them by hand (and regularly polish the leather ones).

When not at the beach or pool, wear socks - and clean ones.

If you look sloppy - for instance, by way of severely wrinkled clothing or disorderly hair - or like you wear the same thing every day, people may assume that you also are dirty. In all the aspects of your appearance, make an effort to look good.

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