Judge Yourself First

Almost all men could benefit from reasonably easy-to-do appearance changes. However, many men dislike asking for help and tend to be in denial. “I don’t look that bad.” That is magnified under encouragement to pay money for an unfamiliar service.

Think of the man who looks bad. Personality and circumstances differ. He might be thriving despite his appearance. As for you, maybe nothing is “bad,” but the overall look is lousy and ineffective. Or maybe that man thinks you look bad.

Often the best judgment involves honest self-assessment. How many of the following statements apply to you?

I am not sure that my appearance emphasizes positive personal qualities.

I don’t find my style interesting.

I’m uncertain about how to dress for important situations in which I might find myself.

I often choose physical comfort over looks.

How well my clothes fit doesn’t matter much to me.

Often the activity has nothing to do with athletics, but I go out in athletic attire anyway.

I wear few colors and patterns.

I wear items together without knowing or caring if they go together well.

Sometimes I go out in items that are in lousy condition.

Appearance change is something I avoid.

I am displeased with a typical shopping experience.

I find myself not using many of my appearance purchases.

My apparel often wears out prematurely.

I’d like to be in better shape and not have it be a hassle.

I am not satisfied with my appearance.

My life circumstances are disappointing.

Agreeing with a few statements means appearance help might be needed. If many of them apply, your appearance probably needs urgent help.

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