The Mainstream Man's Must-Have Casual Shirts (For Warm-Weather Wear)

It is time to learn that simply having a reasonable number of shirts in decent quality doesn't mean you have the right collection of shirts. You need variety, for different situations, different moods, and letting people know you're one interesting dude.


Vertically-striped shirt - with broader stripes for thinner people.
Horizontally-striped shirt - chest-stripe only for people who want to look slimmer.
Checked shirt.
Print shirt/tropical shirt - but, please, no loud tropical shirts.
Multi-colored shirts - exist in all styles.
Contrast-shoulder pullover - recommended only for younger or athletic-looking men.
Crewneck shirt.
V-neck shirt - may look very similar to a t-shirt.
Tee shirt.
Pique shirt - most commonly found in polo form.
Short-sleeve Polo shirt.
Button-down (button-front) shirts that you wouldn't wear to an interview.
Camp shirt.
Shirt with contrast collar.
Lightweight sweater.
A big demerit for you if you plan to get all these shirts in similar colors.


Linen or Silk - conveys status and good for romantic situations.
Polyester - just kidding!
Mid-weight cotton - every style is available in this.
Poplin cotton or Seersucker - very lightweight

If you do not like the look, feel, color scheme, style, quality, or any other factors, do not buy it. It's your life and your money.

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