Style is Learned

Everyone would like to look good.

Celebrities and very successful men usually look good. These busy men hire professional image consultants or professional stylists with years of training and practice to choose and manage their clothes and grooming for the best results possible. They know it's worthwhile because looking good originally helped them be succcessful.

You don't need to pay someone $30,000 a month to manage your image, but you deserve the same benefits: increased confidence, a better exterior, advancement in life, celebration of qualities and successes, easier wardrobe management, and more.

But it can be hard to accomplish. Self-teach stylishness? Yes, there is much available information if one knows where to look, but it is a mess, often meant to create looks that some find silly, and not very applicable to the life in this diverse world. (Quick quiz: Define business casual. Dark shirt? Slim fit?) Television shows are about dramatic changes, with little discussion of the fundamentals. Books are helpful, but they consume time and money, mostly ignore casual attire, can confuse, and sometimes are written largely for profit or self-promotion. Magazines will give bits and pieces of basic knowledge, but mainly push readers toward advertised products. Independent online articles can be deeper, but also biased (look closely for advertiser links) and even more radical (personal biases). Hardly based on research or working with actual men. Articles by retailers are meant to make the sources seem caring and the apparel easy to wear (and therefore worth buying). The typical salesperson will say you look good in the store's clothes, whether or not they are compatible with your personal style and existing wardrobe.

Friends and family? That they know the real you, their little boy, their sweet brother, their boyfriend they don't want to lose, is good, but it also blinds them to how your appearance leads the average person - a new boss, for example - to perceive you. Maybe you don't look the age you think you do. Maybe your sexuality is judged incorrectly. Maybe your intelligence is underestimated. If loved ones do know a negative perception, will they risk hurting your feelings by mentioning it? No, didn't think so. They will push you toward ideals that are theirs but probably not suited for your physical characteristics or personality. It is no certainty that you'll be directed to retailers that sell items you would like. If the process were reliable, you already would be shopping with those people. Ratings and general appearance feedback sites? Notoriously skewed toward positive answers and limited in actual feedback. Another option is help from a group of clothing enthusiasts. In some ways, that can help (and show that online aid has value). However, you probably don't want to show the world what you look like; members probably don't know or care much about your budget, personality, or how third parties perceive you; confusion and biases are present; and extensive personal assistance is unlikely. Why should they try hard to lessen their own advantage?

Maybe you prefer to figure it out yourself, and don't want to let someone who doesn't know you run your life.

In reality, you are letting your appearance run your life. And like you would if you hired a lawyer, you have the power to manage your own consultation. Even better, research indicates that you are virtually guaranteed to benefit (no losing cases) and you don't need to keep going back to a consultant - you learn to skillfully manage yourself.

Gentleman's Best Friend Image Consulting Services' professional image consultants help guide you to the personalized look that enhances your true self's desired image, giving you the advantage of professional expertise at a price you can afford. Our highly trained image professionals specialize in the particular needs of men. Whether in the office, factory, store, or construction site, Gentleman's Best Friend Image Consulting Services will show you how to create an image that fosters respect and opportunities.

What professional image consulting can do for you:

* Save you money - The next time you go shopping, you will avoid buying clothes and grooming products that seem right in the store, but are all wrong when you get them home.

* Save you time - You will avoid spending hours wandering through stores (or websites) in an agony of indecision, trying to put together the right look for an important occasion.

* Improve your personal appearance and the way people respond to you - It is all in the details and the way those details are used to enhance your appearance.

The experts can empower you with the tricks and techniques that make the difference between wearing whatever and having an appropriate, handsome image with confidence and charisma to match.

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