The Image of Image Consulting

Almost all image consultants are trained to work with both males and females. Most people who go to image consultants are women. Why is that? It is not because men do not want to look good. It's not that image consulting doesn't help them at all - research shows that it does. Males often do not believe that image consultants will do them much good. Even discounting dictatorial television "experts" and others who are not genuine image consultants (very rare is a trained, experienced men's image consultant), the belief has validity. There are many problems with most services:

Excessive reliance on the subjective opinion of consultants (beware the loud-mouthed and egotism)

Use of automation in the advice portion of the process - there is no program that can give feedback that is precise enough to be worth more than usually free content out there

Limited understanding of the elements of style and how attractiveness works

Not enough knowledge of the messages communicated by menswear items, even within categories (such as slim-fit pants vs. regular-fit pants)

Lack of commentary on how well items are made (quality)

Pushing particular styles/inadequate reliance on the customers' personal preferences and feelings

Disregard for economic limitations, with regard to services and clothing. (Consultations alone are pricey if, as often is the case, much travel is required. Closet evaluations and personal shopping often are very expensive extras, and replacing many clothing items can be costly.)

Working on commission, sponsorship, or paid endorsements - risking conflict of interest between meeting clients' purchasing needs and their own profit

Not much emphasis on telling clients how and where to shop for themselves

Insufficient attention to men's casual dress

Inadequate coverage of health and fitness

Insufficient focus on physical and psychological comfort

Excessive focus on conformity

Excessive focus on being noticed (everyone should be eye-catching)

Implicit urging of perfectionism (not looking bad is more important than looking great)

Excessive focus on fad items and look-at-me pieces

Belief that people can or should change suddenly

- Gentleman's Best Friend Image Consulting Services was founded with all this in mind, to provide a top-notch, long-term solution to people not content with anything less.

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