Habits that Damage Appearance from Head to Toe

exercising incorrectly
- not exercising all muscles, including those in the face, most notoriously leading to a top-heavy look or forward shoulders
- doing exercises with the wrong form, which might involve the wrong muscles and lead to injury and/or visibly disappointing results
- muscles do not grow well when overtraining (working out body parts when anything hurts much or energy is lacking)
- too much aerobic exercise interferes with muscle growth and can cause a gaunt look
- not working out hard enough (often breaking a sweat)
- perpetually doing the same exercise routine
- lack of muscle confusion inhibits growth
- obsessively becoming more muscular
- doing activities that grow the upper legs and behind too much
- gaining muscle so rapidly that it causes stretch marks
- not doing enough warm-ups and stretching, which can lead to unattractively stiff motion

being a couch potato or desk jockey
- hello, tight muscles and in turn poor posture and possibly problems exercising without causing injury, as well as higher risk of sleep problems and its appearance-related consequences
- the buttocks (the largest muscle group) atrophy due to lack of walking, which is the typical man's main exercise for that area
- just sitting for long periods reduces calorie burn that would come from standing up and moving around a little
- lengthy physical inactivity increases water retention
- over the years, physically inactive people lose more height than their more active peers

clothing coverage and fit
- tight-fitting can lead to marks, redness and (especially via non-wicking fabric) infection that can spread to more visible places
- if shirts are not snug at the neckline or collars adequate height (higher for the long-necked), too much sun exposure can occur
, arms have thin skin that damages easily- few people want to apply sunscreen there
-regularly going barefoot or sockless with ankles exposed or wearing shorts, deep-V tees (tacky)or flip-flops/sandals (without the silly sock combination) almost certainly will cause lasting skin damage
- too-loose socks actually can cause foot irritation
- though it is beyond the scope of this article, of course tight fit can damage the clothes themselves

making oral care mistakes
- brushing too soon erodes teeth, especially after consuming enamel-softening items like white wine and some other fruit-based products (ideally wait 20 or more minutes after eating and rinsing first with water can help)
- hard brushing brushes off enamel
- drinking through straws can cause wrinkles around the mouth
- a worn-out brush can interfere with stain removal
- not doing the right flossing leads to gum redness (via inflammation), which can also be caused by smoking, irritating oral care products, nutrient deficiencies, some very acidic foods, etc.

- short, even teeth are unattractive and often aging, and if much height is lost, facial proportions begin to change
- dental consultation and perhaps stress reduction are needed

licking or biting lips
- that causes cracked lips and other problems

using much alcohol, tobacco, and other substances recreationally or recklessly
- no surprise that tobacco is damaging to skin, teeth, etc., including sometimes discoloring fingertips via impaired circulation and making palms red
- smoking can lead to stomach bloat via swallowed air
- smoking increases the risk of varicose veins (not rare among men)
- beer belly gets its name in part because alcohol is burned off by the liver instead of fat
- alcohol in more than small quantities often causes facial and stomach bloating
- alcohol can dry out the skin, while lasting facial redness points toward likely excessive drinking, which in time causes worse problems internally and externally
- alcohol and various other ingested recreational substances can cause gynecomastia (man-boobs) via hormonal changes
- misusing medications (prescription and non-prescription) can lead to problems such as easy bruising and quick burning

making dietary mistakes
- overeating, including drinking calories (e.g., fruit juice) and hidden calories (package serving size information often is misleading), causes of course unsightly excess but also often contributes to skin problems via friction and discouraging exercise via pain due to weight-based pressure on joints
- drinking calories can add weight fast and almost surely will discolor and eventually rot the teeth if done throughout a typical day - some dark drinks and even a few light-colored low-calorie drinks, such as white wine, can stain teeth with occasional use
- though it seems like a healthier option, diet soda has all the negatives regular soda does
- skipping breakfast can slow metabolism and lower self-control - eating soon after waking is best
- outside of intermittent fasting, skipping other meals also causes problems
- getting very little fiber increases temptation and bloating risk, and subsequent toilet straining can worsen varicose veins
- for many, eating a lot of wheat daily causes food cravings, skin inflammation, etc.
- not consuming the right things before and after exercise: fluids (major impact on energy), protein (filling/muscle support), carbohydrates (energy), fats (filling/slowing absorption)
- not drinking water during lengthy exercise not only impedes energy and results, but in breathe-heavily activities like running it also hastens tooth decay via dry mouth
- too little fluids means dry skin and sometimes bloating from constipation
- a high-carbohydrate can create diabetic conditions for some people, which aside from being seriously medically can cause many difference aesthetic problems, including dry skin
- inflammatory diet (more than small amounts of junk foods, unhealthy meats, etc.) take its toll on appearance, including worsening many pre-existing skin conditions (e..g., dandruff) and sometimes causing the red, swollen joints of the nasty condition called gout and the gloomy-looking demeanor that often accompanies pain
- not enough healthy fats (such as fish oil) leads to dry skin and less attractive hair
- too much salt can cause water retention and puffy eyes in particular
- a diet very low in fat or protein is bad for the skin and muscles, respectively....
- rapidly losing weight can result in loose skin and often involves muscle loss and thus slower metabolism in the future
- lousy diet can interfere with sleep and therefore indirectly cause weight gain
- overeating greatly increases the risk of sleep apnea, one of many forms of sleep loss that harms appearance, with the bonus of causing chapped lips via snoring
- especially as one gets older, evening caffeine can disrupt sleep and therefore lead to more pounds
- given evidence that Omega-3's help with melatonin production, a poor diet might lead to worse sleep
- eating quickly, especially while talking, can cause stomach bloat and damage to pants buttons (as in their possibly, embarrassingly falling off)

regularly wearing clothes that all fit loosely at the waist
- weight gain often sneaks up on people, and snugness at the waist is a good reminder to exercise and not overeat

skipping support down there
- gravity affects everything, and sagging testicles are sad

wearing footwear that fits incorrectly or does not adequately protect against objects or terrain
- there will be almost no escaping blisters, corns, bunions, hammertoes, etc.
- in-grown toenails and foot swelling also can occur
- feet often change size and shape in adulthood, frequently unknown to the wearer
- in addition to length, width, shape, height, and so on matter
- for people with disorders such as diabetes (sometimes undiagnosed), poor fit can lead to serious infections and worse
- improper footwear likely will lead to collisions or falls and resulting visible, possibly permanent damage
- the warping of feet from poor fit often eventually will force someone to rely on unattractive footwear to minimize physical pain

getting piercings
- that can lead to lingering or even permanent damage (to the skin and, if located nearby, dental structures) from infections when first made or later problems such as entanglement, disfigurement, or allergic reactions to metals

nail-biting and incorrectly trimming nails
- many people notice chewed-up nails, and even more will notice if they are infected
- cutting nails too short can led to infection
- in addition to a chewed-up look, possible warts and fungal infections can occur

not taking good care of linens and towels (or misusing alternatives)
- too-rough towels (from hot drying) can irritate skin
- much rubbing with paper towels almost assures skin irritation
not cleaning them enough (at least once a week) and not occasionally specially treating bedding to kill insects and organisms, or infusing them with irritating laundry products, can cause irritated skin and possibly even skin infections

wearing items that have irritating materials, certain oils/chemicals or seams in the wrong places that visibly irritate
- natural oils (mostly from animal products), formaldehyde, and leftover detergent residue can irritate some people's skin, with undershirts being a possible way around most issues
- most denim without underwear is high-risk to the skin
- packaged new clothing and dry-cleaned clothes should be aired out before wearing

wearing the same hat or headgear perpetually
- that can cause an infection and subsequent hair loss if neither hat nor hair are cleaned well

frequently making angry or intense facial expressions
- that leaves scowl lines and other hard-to-treat marks

- to forestall things associated with squinting, including crow's feet and sometimes visible eye problems such as cataracts, wear the right vision items (UV protection wears over the years), get vision correction (e.g., glasses) if necessary, and avoid trying to read in low light, don't inhale/avoid eye irritants, be careful when taking photographs, frequently look away from the screen....
- swimming without goggles also fuels crow's feet and can make eyes irritated

being rough with the eyes
- swimming in contacts or without goggles, sleeping in them for many consecutive nights, rinsing contact lenses in water, handling them with dirty hands, and rubbing eyes with dirty hands are some ways to make eyes infected, leading to eyes that look bad and scare others away and can force usage of glasses for long periods thereafter
- it is believed that some people can damage the shape of their eyes (and in turn their vision) by often rubbing their eyes or sleeping with physical pressure applied to the eyes (such as lying on a hand)
- rubbing eyes or sleeping with something (like a pillow or hand) pushing on the eyes can at least visibly irritate them

shaving with a dull blade or otherwise not shaving correctly
- that can cause redness, cuts, and possible skin infections, plus possible distracting remnants of facial hair
- see http://mensimageconsultant.com/articles/Shave_the_right_way.aspx

mishandling acne
- the should-be last resort Accutane, which besides serious health problems can cause hair loss and dry skin, especially if combined with a moderate or high intake of vitamin A
- long-term oral antibiotics seldom control acne well, distract from better treatments, can change the digestive system in a way that harms weight, and occasionally cause hair loss
- using a lousy method to try to pop pimples can cause lasting damage

having misadventures with personal care products
- allergies often develop in subtle ways
- applying products to skin that is unclean or dry (cleansers of course are an exception)
- skin redness can occur via allergy to metals, most often nickel
- too strong for skin type can cause drying
- washing the face with soap is often too drying
- using aftershave can dry out the skin
- infrequent shampooing (e.g., non-daily in hot weather or not regularly soon after strenuous activity) likely will sooner or later aggravate or cause scalp conditions such as dandruff and folliculitis (infection)
- some products applied close together negate or magnify each other, as in vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids
- if something seems to be causing irritation or other problems, cutting back is the only choice
- using only all-natural products often means inferior results and sometimes skin reactions due to plants' natural defenses
- skin damage will occur if applying sunscreen carelessly or using an ineffective (should be UVA/UVB, SPF 20+) or unsafe version thereof (zinc is safe)
- exfoliating before going out in the day makes the skin more sensitive to sun damage
- almost all products lose effectiveness eventually, even if there is no expiration date listed

regularly using many personal care products
-the total can increase estrogen levels (via endocrine disruptors) and therefore harm muscularity

taking hot showers or standing under the shower for more than 10 minutes
- nobody wants the dry skin that causes

letting shampoo drip on forehead
- some types will irritate the skin and make it look that way

not properly treating dandruff or leaving too much product in the hair after washing
- because it can get bad enough to be visible on the scalp or on clothing

keeping hair on the forehead often
- hair can interfere with cleaning and limit sunlight exposure and therefore allow acne to flourish

disease-friendly behaviors
- open-toe footwear invites insects
- walking barefoot in a locker, near a pool, on soil, etc. risks visible injury and skin infections and sometimes even internal damage, and carelessly handling food (especially raw and/or expiring meat/dairy-based) and pets (especially on beds) or associated items or not bothering with insect protection methods can lead to systemic infections that can cause weight loss, bloating, hair loss, etc.
- wearing shoes and socks throughout the day in reasonably warm weather lets microorganisms grown on the feet (and in footwear, to its detriment)
- whether or not they involve disease, obvious insect bites are inherently unattractive
- careless sexual contact can, via STDS, lead to lip sores, rashes (anywhere), or other visible souvenirs that might come and go indefinitely

mishaps with light and the outdoors
- too much unprotected/underprotected exposure to sunlight leads to dry and brittle hair, burns, leathery skin (lost elasticity), moles, etc. - and some of that can happen inside vehicles and homes if near windows
- too much light exposure (e.g., from electronic devices) soon before bedtime makes it harder to fall asleep and therefore can damage appearance via poor sleep
- not enough light can lead to pallor and worse acne
- not enough early morning light is suspected of slowing metabolism
- wind can dry out the skin and lips, including direct breeze from fans and air conditioning
- that includes natural light indoors, as in near a window and of course UV from tanning beds, the quickest way to age skin

chronically not getting good sleep
- because the body does most of its repair work during sleep, long periods of sleep loss mean faster deterioration
- dark circles under eyes and other tired-eye indicators are to be expected
- sleep deprivation means less energy for working out and therefore worse results
- lack of sleep lowers testosterone, which harms appearance in multiple ways
- regularly staying up very late and then catching up on sleep later does not work, especially as people age, and that habit ages people
- sleeping on a flat surface can worsen bags under eyes, especially if it is face down, which also can irritate other parts of the face (acne mechanica)
- working the night shift often harms sleep quality and speeds aging and hence should be done with precautions

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