Popular Man Foods that Damage Appearance

There are many foods that men in particular like to eat. That some of them are very unhealthy is well known and many men do not seem to mind that, but they need to know the ways those foods can make them look bad. Just a few high-risk meals per week can do serious appearance damage sooner rather than later.

Many forms of standard-raised beef, chicken, and pork, especially deli meats (including pastrami), hot dogs, chili dogs, pork and beef ribs, barbeque sandwiches, meatball sandwiches, beef and pork sausages, sausage biscuits/croissants/bagels/muffins/sandwiches (especially the cheese versions), chicken nuggets and fried chicken, Buffalo wings, Philly cheesesteaks, and cheeseburgers
Fried shrimp and other shellfish
Corn dogs
Cheese-based pizza
Meat-and-cream curries
Chinese dishes of non-stir-fried meat and fried rice
Macaroni & cheese
Power bars
Mashed potatoes, standard French fries, curly fries, chili fries, and full-fat, low-quality potato chips
Sweet potatoes

Unhealthy fats can cause inflammation and weight gain.Sugar (or simple carbs that the body quickly converts into sugar) causes inflammation and speeds up age-related loss of skin elasticity (e.g., sagging and wrinkles). In some people, facial flushing and sweating occur.
Allergies and food intolerance (of which dairy and wheat are common and underdiagnosed), high sodium, heavy meals in and of themselves can lead to bloating.
Allergenic foods promote dark under-eye circles and nasal swelling. Dairy, whether tolerated well or not, is known to affect the nose.
Dairy, red meat, fried foods, and high carbohydrate intake can contribute to acne and other skin conditions, including greasy skin.
Mercury, usually from seafood and sometimes (common fast-food ingredient) high fructose corn syrup, can cause hair loss, skin problems, and swelling. Frequency or portions size need to be big or the fish types very high in mercury for that happen.
Excess vitamin A (from sweet potatoes) eventually will cause hair loss and various skin problems.
Even without toxicity, long-term semi-regular unhealthy eating might speed up hair loss.

Post-meal fatigue or discomfort that leads to less time exercising or less effort while exercising therefore means less fitness.
Digestive discomfort creates visible grumpiness and sometimes sleep disruption, which can lead to more signs of fatigue and weight gain.

There can be physical stress on clothing from post-eating physical expansion; that particularly can damage the waistband and of course pop off a button.
Unhealthy food in general is more likely to stain clothing. Light-colored grease is especially nasty because its effects might not show up on shirts and pants until later, when the stain will be difficult or impossible to remove. Noticed immediately or not, food contact with some types of footwear will leave permanent marks.

Tooth discoloration, particularly from dark sauces such as tomato and soy, can happen quickly; and tooth structural damage might happen someday.

Yes, high-calorie foods can lead to weight gain, including fat around the abdomen, man-boobs, and eventually double-chin.
Becoming overweight can make it harder to build muscle (and burn off fat), because large fat stores in the body produce estrogen.
Possibly the worst eventual appearance damage is muscle loss following heart attack or stroke. No, actually amputation following diabetes is worse.

Ribs almost always contain hidden sugar.
Most power bars are basically candy bars with added protein. When dairy, that can be a problem. The sugar can be a problem. If chocolate, teeth can get stained. Not something to be used often as a snack. Worse is the workout-related usage the name encourages. Inappropriate meals around exercise impairs results.
Sweet potatoes sometimes are described as fitness food, but there is talk of possible estrogenic properties, which would not be good for muscle-building. Of more worry is that sweet potatoes are very high in vitamin A, which stays in the body a long time. Two sweet potatoes per week might be enough to eventually cause toxicity.

Some healthy dishes have ingredients that fight inflammation and/or help remove toxins from the body. Re dangerous items, eat with or later that day if possible.
Avoid "extras" and non-vegetable additional toppings.
Obviously, to enjoy while lessening risks, choose smaller portions and healthier versions. In the case of sweet potatoes, the yellower version has less vitamin A, and removing the skin can also help.
If possible, wait at least 24 hours between particularly heavy, unhealthy meals.
Drink plenty of water with large meals.

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