Posture Impacts Attractiveness

Poor posture can easily cause an effective ten percent reduction in physical attractiveness, as well as make people observers infer negative personality traits such as fatigue or unhappiness.

Is your posture a problem?

Look around - poor posture is very common. If you do not work out regularly, are older, or are tall and thin, your posture might be worse than you think. It is hard to judge one's own posture, because problems with it are most evident from the side. Ask friends or loved ones for feedback.


*Forward neck

*Shoulders, hunched and/or rolled forward (commonly accompanies the protruding neck)

*Hanging stomach


Practicing sitting and standing in an alert, relaxed manner can improve posture within a matter of weeks.

Breathe through your nose. That will make your body straighten up in order to get adequate airflow. (If you still have trouble breathing, consult a doctor.)

Because permanent figure variations can create, or result from, postural imperfections; sometimes working with a physical therapist or a good trainer to strengthen related muscle groups is the only way to greatly improve posture.

Caution: Overcompensating can give you a rigid posture, which connotes qualities that are considered authoritarian and negative to most.

Correcting your posture might directly make you feel better, and you will enjoy the comments about looking better that you likely will receive.

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