Picture Submission Guidelines

You should submit no fewer than three recent digital photographs of you (our customer) as the focus of each picture. Large batches of images are welcome, though they require special arrangements. The report cannot be finished until enough appropriate images have been submitted.

Picture Specifications

  • One or more close-ups of your face, featuring a smile, preferably open-mouthed, and with eyeglasses if you generally wear them in public settings. Your face should be clearly displayed in all images. If you are seeking a new hairstyle, include photographs in which the hair is not impeded by a hat or fastening.
  • One or more full body pictures. If possible, include one or more profile (side-view) shots.
  • If you wish to have your workplace clothing evaluated, include photographs featuring the clothing, shoes and accessories you generally wear in the workplace.

Submission Do's

  • Submit only digital photographs in which you are prominently featured and not obstructed.
  • Photographs should be in color and should feature head-shots and full-body shots. Full-body shots are needed for each situation covered by the consultation.
  • Each picture should feature a different outfit, reflective of what you presently look like in person and in different situations (e.g., a sample of your casual dress for each different season; at the workplace, on a date or a special occasion, etc.)
  • Submit a favorite head-shot and a favorite full-body shot - indicated as such through a caption or filename.
  • Submit a head-shot and a full-body shot that you dislike - indicated as such through a caption or filename.
  • Lighting and image quality are important. Retouched and obviously posed images are less valuable.
  • Each image may be up to 2 MB in size. (One easy way to reduce file size is to use tinypic.com - start with resizing for a 17" screen, then click on "View Full Size Image" and save it.)

Submisson Don'ts

  • Do not submit group shots. (You narrow an image's focus through cropping. PicResize.com is one simple way to do it.)
  • No thumbnail images.
  • Anything that could qualify as 'indecent exposure' will not be evaluated and rebates / refunds will not be granted.

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